Midweek Music Video: We’re Not Gonna Take It by Twisted Sister


Big hair, peacocking costumes, loud guitars, and a ridiculous amount of makeup combine to bring us back to the ’80s in form of a song from metal band Twisted Sister. And no, we ain’t gonna take it if you’re planning on skipping this video

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The classic child versus parent idea is put into the screen in this music video from *Twisted Sister* as father is pitted against son and his “rebellious” taste in music. Even hints of anti-establishment are present in their songs. Some of you have keen eyes for detail or part of the Animal House fandom may have spotted the father being Mark Metcalf – the actor who played the uptight cadet officer, Douglas Niedermeyer in the cult-classic film from 1978. He just perfectly fits the bill of the anti-rebel in this one.

The metal rock band donned outrageous costumes, big hair (big as in really puffy and even micro perm big,) and rocked out with their catchy tunes throughout the ’80s and ’90s. “We’re Not Gonna Take It” became an anthem for teens during its release and who could blame them? The whole music video had “freedom” written all over it.

What makes the music video for the song is the quirky way that the members of Twisted Sister turned up and wreaked havoc in the family’s supposed suburban setting while they duke it out, guitars twanging and drums and cymbals banging.
We’re not gonna take it! And no, we ain’t gonna take it! We’re not gonna take it, anymore! Sorry about that, we may have gotten a little carried away.

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