Awesome Albums: QL17G-iii #4 - Railways by bebopbebop

2014-05-15 1

Today’s featured awesome album is another set of wanderlust-inducing monochromes, especially for those who enjoy long yet scenic train rides.

“I like trains. I like their rhythm, and I like the freedom of being suspended between two places, all anxieties of purpose taken care of: for this moment I know where I am going.” ― Anna Funder, Stasiland: Stories from Behind the Berlin Wall

Our fellow lomographer bebopbebop from Bandung, Indonesia simply put the quote above as the description for his album of interesting railway snaps, and it fits quite perfectly. We’re sure many of us in the community share this love of trains and railway travel — there’s something undeniably relaxing with long and scenic train rides. The shots by our fellow lomographer, though, show us that the railroads and stations themselves also make interesting backdrops and settings for some visual storytelling.

Credits: bebopbebop

I was instantly reminded of this beautiful song by Feist and Ben Gibbard entitled Train Song; you may also want to listen to it while flipping through today’s awesome album!

The Awesome Albums series is exactly what it says on the tin — it’s a love letter of sorts from the Editors addressed to user-uploaded albums that had caught their eye and had inadvertently fallen in love with. Please understand though, they’re really just here to express their love and nothing more.

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