Take to the streets! Arresting street photography with the new Russar+ Lens


Street photography is home to many experiences. But this series of photos zones in on the strong lines of buildings and everything in between as seen through the ultra-wide Russar+ Lens.

Walking around town or a foreign city can be thrilling, what more if you have a camera with you to take home some amazing street snaps. But don’t settle for just that, snap on the new *Russar+ Lens* on your M mount camera and take home breathtaking images from your photowalk! Sample these majestic street snaps and marvel at the wide-eyed wonder that is the new Russar+ Lens.

Open up to new photographic possibilities when you get the new *Russar+ Lens*. Its multi-coated 20mm lens will surely have you seeing in ultra-wide mode when you use it with your M mount camera. Try out its remarkable sharpness and ultra-wide focal length and pre-order now at the Online Shop.

written by cheeo on 2014-05-17 #street-photography #lifestyle #russar #ultra-wide

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