Snippets and Vignettes: Old analogue gadgets come back to life

2014-05-13 2

Photographer Jim Golden has a love affair with old technology and media. His simple but arresting GIFs bring us back to days of nostalgia with every ringing of the phone and clacking of a typewriter.

Lomographers hold a special place for analogue gadgets in their hearts. Case in point, the film cameras that we swear by in this community, but what about other old-school gadgets? Portland-based photographer *Jim Golden* goes back in time to bring us these nostalgia-inducing GIFs that hark back to the day when analogue gadgets ruled the land.

Titled _Relics of Technology_, this series of simple but beautiful GIF animation shows us the movements behind well-loved gadgets of the past. In his site, he tells more about the inspiration for his series and says that it was born out of finding a brick cell phone at a thrift store in Oregon. From there, Golden started collecting other pieces old gadgets and began working on his GIF animation; and the results are far from being outdated.

So after browsing through his GIFs, are you still hearing the click-clacking of the typewriter or the iconic ring ring ring of the old-school ring-dial telephone? How about the slight whirring of the tape deck? Let us know if you hear the final click; because we can’t seem to get the imaginary sounds out of our heads.

All information used in this article were sourced from Jim Golden’s site via Design Taxi.

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