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2014-05-13 6

If there’s just one word to describe the experience when shooting with the Diana F+ camera, our best bet would be “dreamy.” Meet the analogue rock star of a queen, Lomography’s very own Diana F+.

Lo-fi isn’t enough to define the majestic qualities that this camera has; more so when you actually get to hold its plastic body and peer into the viewfinder. The *Diana F+* works analogue magic into your photos to produce dreamy photographs that are bursting at the seams with soft tones, outrageous color and remarkable vignetting.

Lomography spruced the classic Diana and added other accessories like a 35mm back, an instant back, a range of interchangeable lenses and even flash attachment choices. All these and more make the Diana F+ an indispensable photographic tool for the discerning analogue lover. Try out this amazing 120 film wonder and discover why it’s called the queen of retro cool.


  • Weave some analogue magic with this 120 shooter. The Diana F+ lens captures soft-focused photos with beautiful vignetting.
  • Choose between two shutter speeds: N for normal shooting and B or Bulb for long exposures for indoor and night-time photography.
  • Two images sizes are available on 120 film. Choose between regular full-frame shots (12 shots per roll) and smaller square images (16 shots per roll.)
  • Create dazzling multiple exposures with ease. The Diana F+’s uncoupled advance and shutter lets you shoot as many photos in a single frame.
  • Amazing pinhole prowess. Just unscrew the lens and experiment with pinhole photography for a new shooting experience.
  • Has shutter lock and tripod thread. Long exposures are a cinch with the Diana F+’s tripod thread for steady shooting and shutter lock to keep the lens open.
  • Flash your way to the top! With the powerful flash attachment, you’ll see nothing but stars at the same time look incredible retro with its vintage design. And don’t forget to use those color gels!

Diana F+ Specs:

Color – black
Film Advance – Knob
Flash connection – Diana Flash Plug
Focusing – Zone Focusing
Focusing Distance – 1-2 м; 2 – 4 м; 4 м – infinity
Frame Counter – Volume display
Material – Plastic
View Finder – Direct optical viewfinder

Here are some more reasons to grab a Diana F+ at the Online Shop right now:

Credits: warning, jojo8785, mephisto19 & grad

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  1. yerzmyey
    yerzmyey ·

    Hmmm. An interesting article actually. For quite some time now I was considering gettin' this machine but the 120 film has been always a bit scary to me (hehe). The "35mm back" device 'though - would be a 'live-saving' solution, it seems.
    Although I wonder if the final photos are still square (and as good-lookin' as those from Diana and 120 film).
    Anyway, thanks a lot for the interesting article.

  2. dopa
    dopa ·

    do not be afraid of the medium format @yerzmyey, it's fun and easy to enjoy. You can get square, landscape and panorama shots with the 35mm-back. they all are fine, but the diana is best with 120 film ;)

  3. yerzmyey
    yerzmyey ·

    @dopa Probably You're right and I'm considering it too. Especially that the 120 film photos from Diana and Holga look beautiful, repeatedly. :)
    I'm just sometimes disturbed by those 'visual artefacts' like dots or numbers (from the numbers of remaining photos). Sometimes they're visible - and sometimes they don't. I dunno why, heh. :)

  4. dopa
    dopa ·

    @yerzmyey: i shot several rolls now and had never thos effects, althogh i like them a lot. they can appear, when film is loaded but the back is opened. using lomography film, the numbers and dotts are with on the paper and don't absorb the light as good as the black paper, the result are numbers on the film. WIth some Holgas and old Dianas it is common to get the film incorrect on the spool, so you have to open the camera to correct that,from time to time.

  5. dopa
    dopa ·

    @yerzmyey: never had that trouble with any diana f+

  6. yerzmyey
    yerzmyey ·

    @dopa Thanks for the explanations! :)

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