LomoAmigo: Mami Tanabe shoots with the LC-Wide


Mami is a talented fashion photographer based in Tokyo, Japan. She flies all over the world to visit different fashion shows and shoot runways. Check her amazing photographs taken using the LC-Wide in one of the world’s most fashionable cities, a city that never sleeps – Shibuya!

Born and raised in Tokyo, Mami left for Berlin when she was in high school. She has been interested in art and has been shooting with different cameras ever since.

In 2010, she began her career as a freelance photographer. Her first group exhibition was called “1AM SONZAIKAN”. She shot the cover photo for iconic Japanese R&B singer Miliyah Katoh’s album, “AI AI AI.” Mami also travels around the world to shoot different fashion shows as well. She is involved in various projects that allow her to work for fashion magazines, PR events and artist videos.

Do you have a Lomography camera? If you do, do you remember why you bought that camera, and what you like most about it?

I have a Fisheye Camera I bought years ago. I bought this camera when I got kind of tired of using a digital camera and became interested in film cameras. I like the look and feel I get from Fisheye cameras. The world through the lens of fisheye makes the pictures so special. Now, I really like the LC-Wide!

You’re such a fashionable person! What kind of projects are you usually involved in?

I’m usually working for fashion magazines, shoot photos for lookbooks of apparel brands, and also go to fashion shows for runway shots. Other than that, if I find something interesting or fun people in the city, I’ll just start shooting.

So you’ve wanted to use the LC-Wide even before. What was your first impression when you got to try it?

It’s so simple and easy to use!

Did you have a theme in mind while shooting with LC-Wide?

“Capture the moment.”

Looking through your pictures, I see that you shot most of them at Shibuya — a fashion district in Tokyo. Any special reason?

Ever since I started shooting pictures, I’ve been going to Shibuya a lot and I always somehow end up finding something or someone that I want to remember. It’s a special place where I will always feel comfortable creating my photographs.

*If you were to give a title for the photographs you shot with LC-Wide, what would you use? Any background music in mind?


Artist: Darkside
Album: psychic
Song Title: paper trails

From all the beautiful pictures you shot, I loved the multi-exposure shot you took at Shibuya. Do you take a lot multi-exposure shots? What do you think makes them special?

Just an ordinary scene turns into something extraordinary and special.

Was there a difference between the images that you were imagining while you were shooting, and the actual shots you created?

No, actually the pictures were shot just the way I wanted to and imagined using LC-Wide.

And lastly…what’s your plan for this year?

I’m planning to do an exhibition this year but the dates aren’t fixed yet. But will definitely keep you posted!

Thanks Mami for the pictures! We are all looking forward for your exhibits and great pictures. Check her amazing photos on her tumblr site.

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translated by choko3

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