Dreamteam: Lomo LC-A and Kodak BW400CN

2014-05-14 1

Have you ever experienced that a film, camera combination works perfectly well or does not work at all? Well, I found already both. This time, I’ll show you a positive example.

Credits: inrod

The dream team I found, is the combination of *Lomo LC-A* and the Kodak BW400CN. I don’t need to say much about the well-known Lomo LC-A. Most of us have one in their bags.

The Kodak BW400CN is a special black and white film, which can be developed with the C41 process, which is normally used for color negative films. This way, every lab, that processes color negative film can develop his film without any add-on. That is a big advantage of this film. However, the prints might be a little sepia-like and not totally 100% black and white.

The negatives will turn out orange, like for a normal color negative film. That is different than normal B/W film negatives.

I tried the Kodak BW400CN already with my La Sardina, The result did not convince me, though.

La Sardina + BW400CN

On my Minolta X300, I normally use a red filter for B/W photography to enhance the contrast. The result was not too bad.

Minolta X300 + BW400CN

For the Lomo LC-A, I didn’t do any of this. The outcome was a big positive surprise for me. See for yourself.

Credits: inrod

In my opinion this film is perfect for the LC-A. The pictures have a nice contrast even without filters. For me, this camera and film combination is a dream team. In order to have this film at hand, I bought the whole stock from my local dealer.

If you want to try this dream team as well, make sure you don’t process the Kodak BW400CN in B/W chemicals. Kodak clearly states that you mustn’t do this I made this mistake, when I tried this film for the first time. It worked out, though I don’t know if the negatives will survive…

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