Large-scale Scarlet Camera Oscura Photgraphs by Motohiro Takeda


As if using a camera obscura isn’t cool enough, photographer Motohiro Takeda ups the ante by adding the human figure and other objects as photographic subjects in this series of fiery-red analogue photographs.

If you’ve seen our features on Abelardo Morell and Pinhole Pedallers then you definitely have to read on more about the work of Motohiro Takeda. The following photos in this article will show you why.

Artist and photographer *Motohiro Takeda* uses a camera obscura to create imagery that is border line artistic and expressive. Apart from the upside-down images that he conjures with a camera obscura, he also adds the human figure in the mix as well as infrared-like techniques.

The photographer’s work reveals a different side to camera obscura photography by using large-scale photography paper to capture his images. And his results are nonetheless brilliant. Takeda’s camera obscura photographs superimpose the human body and other items that leave spaces that are open for interpretation.

Images by Motohiro Takeda

Thinking about the artist’s creative process in making these photographs leaves much to the imagination of the viewer. Takeda’s large-scale photographs offer a glimpse of art, the mysterious, and creativity in a neatly-done scarlet package.

You can see more of Motohiro Takeda’s work here.

All information used in this article were sourced from the artist’s site via Booooooom and Ain’t Bad Magazine.

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