Sweeping Street Panoramas Taken With Lomography Horizon Cameras


The feeling of wanting to take a stroll around the city or countryside can sometimes be so overwhelming that it can make one head out on the streets at the spur of the moment. Before you go on a streetwise adventure however, remember to bring your Horizon camera with you so you can capture those sweeping cityscapes.

Credits: venusattack

Street photography can be quite a difficult thing to master with all the things you have to take into consideration. It’s a good thing that the *Lomography Horizon Cameras* are here to make it look as easy as pie just with the mechanical sweep of the lens! These amazing panoramic photos taken at different spots in the world offer us a majestic view of the streets! Dive into this series of photos that can make even the most hardcore analogue lovers swoon.

Credits: zorki, juansupergen, anafaro, hervinsyah, ohlordy & adi_totp

The Lomography Horizon Cameras can cater to your panoramic needs. Just wind the lever and wait for its amazing sweeping lens to weave its analogue magic. Grab a Horizon Perfekt or Horizon Kompakt camera now to get those amazing street panorama albums coming.

written by cheeo on 2014-05-12 #lifestyle #street #panorama #horizon-kompakt #horizon-perfekt

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