Out-of-this-world snaps taken with the Colorsplash Flash


Flashed out and full of colors, that’s the way to go when you attach the Colorsplash Flash to your favorite analogue shooter.

Credits: superlighter

Feeling like experimenting with your film shots? Look no further, the *Colorsplash Flash* is here to the rescue! Just attach this nifty accessory and transform your usual shots into flashed-out, colored masterpieces. Experiment with double exposures, light paintings, different color schemes and more with your favorite analogue shooter. All you need is a quick slide of the Colorsplash Flash into the hot-shoe and you’re ready to go. Take a dive into this series of flashy photographs that can make you turn green with analogue envy!

Credits: kutchiara, traaaart, peropero, colagold, toradatanglagi, nokinhas13, ninja12, pulex & thegroundabove

Be the life of the party wherever you go with the Colorsplash Flash. Just snap it on your favorite analogue camera and go wild with powerful flashes and a wide array of colors to give your photos a quick jolt of life. Grab one at the Online Shop now and experience flash photography firsthand with Lomography.

written by cheeo on 2014-05-09 #lifestyle #color #flash #colorsplash-flash

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