Beautiful Long Exposure Shots Taken with the Colorsplash Camera


Make film photography tons more fun through color gels and long exposure!

Credits: cheeso, lomo-camkage, melmo, dfunkdamager, alex_de_large, ripsta, life_on_mars, shiorixo8l6 & handtuch

The next time you head out to town or the city at night, or attend a fun party somewhere, make sure to take the quirky-looking *Colorsplash Camera* with you. Photographs doused in bright colors courtesy of the Colorsplash are already fun to look at in itself, and with the use of its long exposure feature, the results definitely become more eye-catching. Head to the Online Shop now to grab your own Colorsplash Camera!

written by chooolss on 2014-05-09 #lifestyle #long-exposure #colorsplash-camera #gallery-post

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