Today in History (1949): Singer and songwriter Billy Joel is born


This chart-topping artist brought us some memorable hits like “Uptown Girl” and “Piano Man.” Warm birthday greetings are in order for the talented Billy Joel!

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William Martin Joel, otherwise known as *Billy Joel,* started his music journey when he was four years old. Even at an early age, Martin already showed signs of aptitude with the piano and enriched his skills in playing the instrument. Not too long after, he was already playing like a professional and had joined three bands by the time he was 16 years of age.

Although Joel has talent beyond his years, his entry into the music industry had not been an easy one. Billy Joel worked as a lounge player at the Executive Room at Wilshire Boulevard and even released a solo album that didn’t really turn out quite well, commercial or production wise. But Joel used the slow start as motivation and kept making music that would soon make him a star.

By 1972, an underground recording of Joel’s “Captain Jack” raked in listeners and garnered recognition. This prompted executives from Columbia Records to contact Joel, and he was offered a record deal for the label thereafter.

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Joel is known in the music industry for his passionate songs and piano playing. The singer-songwriter garnered several awards including a Grammy for Best Male Rock Vocal Performance, People’s Choice Award and even the Grammy Legend Award in 1991.

His most well-known hits include the rhythmic dance tune “Uptown Girl,” his theme song “Piano Man” that told stories about his days working as a lounge player, “Tell Her About It,” “Innocent Man,” and “The Longest Time.”

Billy Joel was part of the music scene that proliferated during the ’80s with the advent of Music Television or MTV. The singer, songwriter, and musician is celebrating his 65th birthday today.

All information used in this article were sourced from Biography, Billy Joel site.

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