Renowned White House Photographer Wally McNamee Remembers Covering Former US President John F. Kennedy


In this feature we highlight the work of another respected veteran photographer, this time in the person of Wally McNamee, retired Senior Photographer for Newsweek who made a name for himself as a photographer for the White House during John F. Kennedy’s presidency.

Screenshot via Bertrand Guez's Vimeo

This video by *Bertrand Guez*, which was released online earlier this week and runs at only a little over eight minutes, is a nostalgic look at the career of renowned photographer Wally McNamee during the Kennedy era. Here, McNamee himself talks about his photographs of the late president, some of which have already become iconic on their own. “This is eyeball to eyeball with the President. I can just remember feeling very proud and also very nervous,” he recalls, holding a framed photograph of his younger self with President Kennedy taken at the Oval Office in the early ‘60s. With his cameras sitting on a table beside him, McNamee also recalls how it was documenting one of the US’ most revered leaders until his death. “That was the end of the coverage for me. And at that point, for the first time, I cried a little bit,” McNamee says.

Video via Bertrand Guez's Vimeo

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