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Chances are you’ve seen plenty of color-drenched photographs while browsing through the Photos section. Faces painted blue, pets tinted green, and foliage splashed with pink light. It’s called “Colorsplashing,” one of Lomography’s earliest techniques for giving your shots a quick color boost. We dug through the Lomography archives to revisit “The Chakras of Colorsplashing,” a special project created by Lomography and Staple Design six years ago.

Credits: dida

Colorsplashing is one of Lomography’s classic tricks for unique, color-drenched photographs. It’s an easy way to give your shots a bright boost without resorting to an overly technical set-up; all you need to do is aim your Colorsplash Camera (or Flash) at any and every given opportunity, and pop a flash of colored light. But have you ever wondered where does this color-bursting inspiration come from? Six years ago, Lomography teamed up with Staple Design to decode this Colorsplashing phenomenon.

After collecting a wide assortment of images, doing a bit of research, and throwing in personal testimonials with some wholly unscientific tidbits, “The Chakras of Colorsplashing” was born. Two products were introduced to commemorate this project: The limited edition Colorsplash Camera Chakras Edition and the Colorsplash Chakras photography book.

See the list of the Colorsplash Chakras below.

Credits: bccbarbosa

Purple Colorsplash Chakra
Peace, tranquility, and closeness

Credits: mok

Blue Colorsplash Chakra
Music, nightlife, parties, and gatherings

Credits: micky_s

Green Colorsplash Chakra
Nature, Life, and Animals

Credits: micky_s

Yellow Colorsplash Chakra
Activities, diversions, and sports

Credits: litleandi

Orange Colorsplash Chakra
Consumption, eating, buying, and collecting

Credits: badjuju

Red Colorsplash Chakra
Sex, Passion, Love, and Strength

Credits: squamy

Multicolor Colorsplash Chakra
Don’t Care About any Rules

When was the last time you Colorsplashed? Take your Colorsplash Camera or Flash today and start painting the town red, green, blue, yellow …

Credits: dfunkdamager

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