Tales from the Trip: The Axis

2014-05-10 1

As intrepid travelers, we don’t only search for an adventure or a change of scenery — we also seek to capture fascinating moments in photographs and tell the compelling stories behind them. In this wanderlust-driven series for the Locations section, we showcase some of the most fascinating travel photos by our fellow lomographers, along with their tales from the trip.

We all want to bring home loads of beautiful travel snaps that will always remind us of our amazing adventures, but sometimes, unforeseen circumstances lead to missed photo opportunities. Camera troubles — whether analogue or digital — is a common example, like what happened to our fellow lomographer saidseni during a trip to Shanghai, China four years ago:

In 2010, my father and I decided that we couldn’t miss the World Expo in Shanghai, China. If there are people in the world who know how to do big things, it’s the Chinese people! We couldn’t wait to see what huge things they made for the World Expo.

After working my tail off almost the entire year, in October we packed our lomo-cameras and left with a big hunger for capturing the amazing and different world China is. I was particularly excited with my Horizon Kompakt. Finally, a camera that can capture the vastness of this country! And the long exposure setting would work wonderfully with the neon lights Chinese people love so much.

I carried this heavy camera for miles and miles. Really, the amount of miles we walked in Shanghai World Expo made us call this trip “our Long March”. But it’s all worth it for the amazing pictures one gets after getting home.

Since money wasn’t abundant after such a big trip, the first time I went to the lab back at home I only took two of the many Horizon rolls I photographed during my stay in China. I was sooooo excited to see the results! Imagine my face when the lady says ‘there is nothing here, your film wasn’t exposed.’ I nearly burst into tears. I got home to found out the shutter of my Horizon wasn’t working at all. No bother in taking the rest of the films to the lab.

Fortunately, I also took the Lomo LC-A with me in this trip and used it in the days I was too tired to carry the heavy Horizon with me. I loaded a Lomography Redscale XR with it and I’m SO glad I did it because it was the only film I have from the World Expo (and a few SuperSampler pics)! Yes, maybe one day I’ll get back to Shanghai, but the World Expo won’t be there anymore.

Credits: saidseni

This is my favorite picture of the film. It depicts the Axis, one of the icons of the Shanghai World Expo. At least one picture I like from that lomo-disaster trip!

Head to saidseni's Shanghai World Expo album to see more of her photos and read more about her experience in her Locations article!

Have you ever had a similar experience with your travels? Tell us about it through your photos and stories! Get in touch with us through the Lomography Magazine LomoHome or shoot us an email!

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