Luscious Lomochrome Purple Shots in Instant Format Courtesy of the Fuji Instax Share Smartphone Printer

2014-05-07 3

Create Instax-like prints of your favorite analogue snaps with the Fuji Instax Share Smartphone Printer!

While instant photography does have a certain charm on its own, we can’t deny that our options still remain limited in this format. Using various films like in regular analogue photography, for example, isn’t possible. Fret not, though! Even without an Instax Mini, we can now create prints of our precious film photographs no matter what camera and film they were taken with through the *Fuji Instax Share Smartphone Printer*. Below are sample shots taken using the Lomochrome Purple!

Get the Fuji Instax Share Smartphone Printer from the Online Shop now! Meanwhile, you can read more about this product in *this article*.

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    AHHHH this is one of my photos.send it to me!!! Now!!! ;)

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