Impressively Detailed Collages Made Using Found Photographs by Vik Muniz


Instead of simply displaying the vintage photos he has collected through the years, Brazilian photographer and artist Vik Muniz turned them into stunning large-scale collage masterpieces. Read on to take a look and find out more!

Remember Vik Muniz, the Brazilian photographer and artist who made an amazing collage version of Vincent van Gogh's iconic _Starry Night_ out of torn magazine pages? He’s at it again with his large-scale clever collages, the most recent of which are currently on display in his solo show at the Sikkema Jenkins Gallery in New York until May 10, 2014.


The exhibit, entitled Album, showcases two new collage series by Muniz: the eponymous Album wherein he used cut outs of found personal photographs to create images resembling photos from family albums, telling “intimate yet universal narratives;” and Postcards from Nowhere, through which he depicts the “issues of loss and the dissemination of images,” as technology has significantly affected the material value and importance of the postcards as unique, personal, and tactile keepsakes.

Postcards from Nowhere

As with his rendition of Starry Night, the attention to detail and painstaking effort to assemble each piece is nothing short of mind-blowing. If you’re curious about Muniz’s creative process for his signature collage style, the video below gives a glimpse on how the amazing artist works:

All information and photos for this article were sourced from Sikkema Jenkins Gallery and Vik Muniz's Website.

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