Photographer Takes Impressive Street Portraits in his Lunch Break


While many simply eat out or gorge on take-outs during lunch breaks, a photographer based in Oxford, England typically spends this time off to take portraits out in the streets.

“Quite a lot of my photos get taken between the hours of 1 and 2 in the afternoon on weekdays. That’s right. My lunch hour. A time of day when I can actually make use of my camera, a time of day which occurs every day with seldom a fail,” photographer David Stumpp says about his ongoing photo essay aptly called Lunchtime Portraits, which he started in 2010.

Not sure about everyone else, but this idea totally makes sense to me. We devote much of our time, thoughts, and energy at work, and lunch breaks are often the only time left for us to do anything we want (I’m sure I’m not the only person who has felt drained to do anything else after work). Also, knowing that a lot of people step out of the office for lunch, it’s actually a perfect time for David to prowl the streets of Oxford, England, where he is currently based, in search of interesting people to photograph with film cameras.

He expounds on this on his website:

“There are so many faces and personalities out at midday in a town like Oxford; an ever-rotating scene of groups and individuals, some passing through on holiday, others coming through on steady performance tours, students, a scattered few locals (not surprisingly working their day-jobs), and everyone with their own reason to be out between my morning and my evening shifts. How perfect for me. I’d almost believe that I’d engineered the day job only to provide myself with that nearly 1-hour, daily photographic window.”

Take a look at the The Lunchtime Portraits so far on his Flickr, and as he notes, make sure to click through each photo to find out the story behind each portrait!

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