Top Shoutbox Users of April 2014

2014-05-11 3

We are turning the spotlight on this tiny box made for our Community’s most random thoughts, comments, suggestions, rants, and just about anything under the sun!

Our Shoutbox is always ready to accommodate those who have the guts to loudly speak their mind and these Lomographers sure made good use of this itsy-bitsy space:

dermanu from Bremen, Germany (83 shouts)

Credits: dermanu

maperza from (32 shouts)

Credits: maperza

janko-unchained from Munich, Germany (31 shouts)

Credits: janko-unchained

sweetyyydreams from Aix-en-Provence, France (30 shouts)

Credits: sweetyyydreams

sirio174 from Como, Italy (30 shouts)

Credits: sirio174

hervinsyah from Bandung, Indonesia (27 shouts)

jimjimm from Goa, India (26 shouts)

Credits: jimjimm

bebopbebop from Bandung, Indonesia (25 shouts)

Credits: bebopbebop

neja from London, United Kingdom (24 shouts)

Credits: neja

ultrafire3 from Anchorage, AK, United States (24 shouts)

Credits: ultrafire3

From everyone here at Lomography, congratulations to our Top Shoubox Users of April 2014!

written by Lomography on 2014-05-11 #news #community-recap #top-shoutbox-users #april-2014


  1. icequeenubia
  2. dermanu
    dermanu ·

    Yay, thanks again! ;-)

  3. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    Thanks, Eunice @icequeenubia

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