Snippets and Vignettes: Pop art and vintage ads collide in St. Francis Elevator Ride’s animated GIFs


Mash ups can be the perfect style to infuse various influences into a hybrid package that caters to more than just one market. In this case, it’s the vintage aficionados, pop art fans, and GIF followers that can be hooked with a single animation from St. Francis Elevator Ride.

When things collide, all that you can expect is complete and utter chaos and destruction most of the time. But then, something happens like this unlikely mix of media in St. Francis Elevator Ride’s animated GIFs. We’re not even making fun of you when it comes to the name of the designer and illustrator, it really is *St. Francis Elevator Ride* and his animation work is off the wall.

Borrowing from different vintage advertisement references, pop art influences, and the more modern GIF techniques; the designer creates an aesthetic that is both eye-popping and unique. One look at his animated GIFs and you already know that it’s the handiwork of St. Francis Elevator Ride. Swirling patterns, colors, and effects that border on the surreal side intertwine in the GIFs.

The designer mixes and matches his techniques but still keeps true to his signature style represented by the vintage feel of the base illustrations and his charming animation. You can see more mash up animation from St. Francis Elevator Ride here.

All information used in this article were sourced from St. Francis Elevator Ride via Beautiful Decay.

written by cheeo on 2014-05-06 #lifestyle #animation #gif #snippets-and-vignettes-series #st-francis-elevator-ride

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