Surreal-Looking Shots in Medium Format Taken with the Lomochrome Purple

2014-05-05 1

Create photographs that look as if they’re taken straight from the pages of a surreal, fantasy novel with your medium format camera and a roll of Lomochrome Purple!

Credits: maykel, frauspatzi, togotogo, hanat9651, vita-reducta, susielomovitz, bnjmn, kleinerkaries & diegoh

Of course, we already know about the amazing emulsion that is the *Lomochrome Purple*, that which bathes our lomographs in beautiful shades of purple. As a result, and more often than not, the photographs taken with this film appear to have a dreamy quality about them – a surprising yet very much welcomed effect! The photos in this gallery were taken by our creative community members using their respective medium cameras loaded with the *Lomochrome Purple XR 100-400 120*.

Want to take photos like these, too? The Lomochrome Purple for both 35mm and 120mm formats is finally available for regular purchase! Head to the Online Shop to get yours now! Meanwhile, browse through this article for more information.

Who says film is dead? Lomography’s got its very own emulsions to keep the fire burning! Visit the Shop and see which Lomography film is right for you.

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  1. chooolss
    chooolss ·

    Credits for these lovely purple shots go to @maykel @frauspatzi @togotogo @hanat9651 @vita-reducta @susielomovitz @bnjmn @kleinerkaries @diegoh. Thank you! :)

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