Have an analogue purple springtime with the LomoChrome Purple film!


Springtime is the season where flowers are in full bloom and the colors are starting to show. Put some creative twist to your spring shots with LomoChrome Purple for that luscious candy tint!

Colors of springtime flowers are the prettiest when the season kicks in but you can make them pop out more on your analogue photos with the *LomoChrome Purple* film! Designed to make foliage turn into majestic shades of purple, the LomoChrome Purple film is an ideal tool for your analogue experiments this season. Just take a look at these marvelous LomoChrome Purple snaps from our community to get you all fired up with purple goodness.

Credits: sandravo, analemma, fruchtzwerg_hh, bnjmn, gatokinetik-o & herzkoenigin

The LomoChrome Purple film is now readily available at the Online Shop in both 35mm and 120 film. Enjoy the amazing richness and undeniable purple tones of this film and give your analogue photos a sudden kick of fresh color. Grab a roll or two or even a cartful at the Lomography Online Shop now.

written by cheeo on 2014-05-05 #lifestyle #flora #flowers #spring #purple #springtime #lomochrome-purple

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