A Peek Inside Tamara Lichtenstein's Analogue Universe


Artistry can be found in a lot of places. And for photographer Tamara Lichtenstein, she found it in rolls of film and analogue cameras. See her lovely work after the cut.

Her work proved to be quite the kick of inspiration for other photographer like Dennis Auburn, Lindsey Lee and Clara Araujo and we see just why. *Tamara Lichtenstein* has a skilled eye for what makes a photograph truly stand out. And we’re not even talking about nubile bodies of models that are showing off the beauty of youth for that matter.

Composition is key when it comes to creating imagery with impact and Lichtenstein’s photographs are full of it. From color to the lack of it, from single frames to multiple exposures, and light leaks to perfectly framed photographs; Lichtenstein’s body of work offers a wide range of lessons for up and coming photographers.

Images via Tamara Lichtenstein

Aside from her attention to composition and the striking traits of her photographs, Lichtenstein’s choice of shooting with film adds to the overall effect of her work. You can still see the grain, vignetting, and other qualities that are uniquely found in film. And we’re totally digging it. We think we just got a kick of inspiration from Tamara Lichtenstein’s work just like the other photographers we featured.

You can see more of Tamara Lichtenstein’s work on her site and Flickr photostream.

All information and photographs used in this article were sourced from Tamara Lichtenstein's site, C-Heads, Collective Synesthesia, and Vice.

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