The Petzval Apprentice Competition

2014-07-21 16

Calling all Petzval Fans! We’re inviting you to participate in a special photo competition that aims to highlight your Petzval prowess. The Petzval Apprentice Competition is the first photo contest that is dedicated to the esteemed New Petzval Lens; it’s your chance to make a mark in analogue history! Start polishing those optics and get ready to begin shooting your winning masterpiece. The 5 winning photos will even be displayed in our Lomography Gallery Stores worldwide and you can get your winning photo as a print to keep!

Credits: pearlgirl77

The New Petzval Lens is a truly amazing optic that gives your photographs a beautiful, cinematic effect. Paired with your keen eye and creativity, we’re certain that you can effortlessly come up with breathtaking photos that deserve recognition!

So why not put your Petzval talent to good use and take part in the Petzval Apprentice Competition? This is the first photo competition that is dedicated exclusively to the New Petzval Lens. You may submit any photo that you like, as long as it’s taken with this lens.

Important Note: Since the winning Petzval photos will be printed and displayed in Lomography Gallery Stores, we need the photos entered to be print quality. This means that they need to be scanned at a minimum of 300dpi and 5000 pixels at the longest side. Unfortunately, photos which do not fit this criteria cannot win.

Credits: sandravo

The Mechanics

All photos taken with the New Petzval Lens are welcome and eligible to win. There are no specific themes to this photo competition; we just want to be blown away with your Petzval photos!

If your forte is taking portraits, the Petzval is an ideal choice. It will draw focus to your subject while making the background sparkle with dreamy bokeh.

If taking photos of everyday scenes is your specialty, the Petzval Lens will make it more cinematic and dramatic.

You can experiment with different themes as you wish, just make sure you submit the best ones for a greater chance of winning! Take a look at some stunning examples below.

Credits: shawnlin
Credits: pearlgirl77
Credits: sandravo
Credits: pearlgirl77
Credits: antoniocastello
Credits: dop

The Prizes

We’re looking for the best Petzval pictures from across the globe! The 5 winning entries will be:

  • Showcased next to photographs shot by renowned Petzval artists from around the world, in the first ever in-store exhibition of Petzval Photographs!
  • A print of your winning photo (after the exhibitions have taken place)
  • Awarded with a special Petzval Apprentice Certificate
  • Featured in an interview for the Lomography Magazine
  • Featured on the Petzval Microsite (Interview and Galleries)
Credits: ricoinbrooklyn

The Rules

  • No specific themes required
  • Photo submissions should be taken with the New Petzval Lens
  • Analogue and digital photos are welcome
  • Photos need to be scanned at a minimum of 300dpi and 5000 pixels at the longest side.

The Panel of Judges

This competition will be judged by an esteemed panel of Lomography Petzval Lovers and Geoffrey Berliner, a Petzval Collector and the Executive Director of the Penumbra Foundation and the Center of Alternative Photography in New York City. Get to know more about him by watching our interview with him here.

Good luck and happy Petzval shooting!

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  1. stephencotterell
    stephencotterell ·

    Hi there - how do I upload my Petzval Portrait for the competition please?

  2. danielgillet
    danielgillet ·

    Same question. How to upload?

  3. alienmeatsack
    alienmeatsack ·

    @stephencotterell Upload your images to your Lomo Home like normal via the Lab ( and then select the photos you uploaded here Just above the "I like this article" button. You should see all of your photos listed there and can search/select the ones you want to submit.

  4. stephencotterell
    stephencotterell ·

    Thank you - have managed to do that but stupidly added duplicates :(

  5. christianebraeuniger
    christianebraeuniger ·

    Competition " your photo in the original size" what does it mean? Must I upload the photos once more in "original size" ???

  6. vici
    vici ·

    is there a deadline?

  7. dop
    dop ·

    @vici the submission deadline is August 3rd.
    @christianebraeuniger if you already submitted the pictures in original size you don't need to download/upload them again.

  8. coastaltown
    coastaltown ·

    Umm... my original photo size is much more than 5 MB, which is the limit in the upload feature. So how can I upload my original photo? Also, should I make the wider side of the photo exactly 5000 px? My digital camera that I've used only does 4200 as the maximum size...

  9. antoniocastello
    antoniocastello ·

    Only 5??? I have so many, this is hard...

  10. noik
    noik ·

    I would like upload square photo. There should be size 5000x5000 pix too?

  11. alienmeatsack
    alienmeatsack ·

    I find the size requirements to be frustrating. So I can't and won't submit anything to this even though I have some lovely Petzval shots. Funny, my scans blow up beautifully to 8x10 at the size I scan them now. But not good enough for this competition? Sad.

  12. carnifex
    carnifex ·

    Hi! Can I deselect/resubmit my photos? I just randomly clicked on some of my photos before I saw the limit... :-/
    I also find the size requirements a little bit odd. I have a Nikon D300 which can't even reach these 5000px, doesn't it?

  13. philip_m_tudor
    philip_m_tudor ·

    Okay I downsized a D800 image to upload it and it still complains it is too big. Example of left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing? Someone fix the site or amend the rules and I suggest extend the deadline BWOA for the C***up.

  14. tarroyo
    tarroyo ·

    3 of my photos are not showing titles or metadata info. They apparently are not linked back to the originals in my Petval Album. They would be 'The Nest", "Sanctuary", and "Captured".
    Also, all 5 of my submitted photos are 5000 px on the long edge, but it displays as the original being 4500 px. This is just an FYI, as it is probably a limitation on the site. Thanks! Tim :)

  15. chiway17
    chiway17 ·

    Philip: You can try export the images from LR if you have it. Limit your Long edge greater than 5000px, and limit your file size @ 5000k.

  16. co
    co ·

    Too late! :(

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