Guy Rhodes's Large Format Black and White Images from the Sochi Winter Olympics


Photographer Guy Rhodes was one the many photographers who covered the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics last February, and among the things that he packed for the trip were a Crown Graphic 4×5 camera and 34 sheets of Tri-X 320.

Guy Rhodes and his Crown Graphic camera. Photo via Guy Rhodes Productions

For a long time now, when it comes to sporting events, or any newsworthy happening for that matter, rarely do you find a photographer covering the event with a film camera. But one such photographer was *Guy Rhodes*, who took not just regular analogue photographs (in addition to his digital shots) but 4×5 ones with a Crown Graphic camera – yes, just like the ones that press photographers from many decades ago shot with!

On his *blog*, Rhodes first explained why it took him this long before deciding to share his images online. The first one was that he was busy with work, and the other was that many of the resulting images “didn’t live up to my expectations…” Fortunately, he was soon reminded of the reasons why he decided to shoot in this format in the first place:

I wanted to “let go” of the sharp perfection that digital photography affords so easily. I wanted to escape 10 frames-per-second bursts, instead slowing down to one frame per minute, if I’m working quickly.

Additionally, Rhodes said that he wanted to be “humbled” by the process of shooting, developing and printing 4×5 film.

Below are just a few of the wonderful shots that Rhodes shared through his website, ones that he’s “fairly proud of.” Of the experience, he said that “shooting each and every frame was a blast,” and that covering the Sochi Olympics “will always be among the top experiences I’ve had in my life.”

Photos by Guy Rhodes

All information in this article were sourced from Guy Rhodes Productions via Petapixel. You may see the rest of Rhodes’ photographs from Sochi *here*.

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