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2014-05-08 1

As you can see in my albums, I love to photograph sports events. In this case, I used a pretty Actionsampler camera to document a mini basketball game played in the park of my city Como, in celebration of the Festival of Sports. It’s a funny camera with interesting results! Take a look after the jump!

Basketball is a fast sport. And the fast time interval between the four images of my *Actionsampler* is great for photographing this beautiful activity. In this case, I took some images of a mini basketball game played during the summer Festival of Sports!

Credits: sirio174

The camera is so original, so communicative, that also the speaker of the local radio station noticed it!

Credits: sirio174

When I took these photos on a partially cloudy afternoon, I used a 400 ISO film. Remember that this camera loves the bright sunny days, so always use at least 400 ISO in cloudy situations! Remember: if you are in doubt, an overexposure is always better than an underexposure. And a high ISO speed film 800 or more) is less contrasted than a low speed film, allowing up to 3 of 4 stops of overexposure! So, use a 100 ISO speed only in strong light situations, like in a beach, and use a 200 ISO speed in a normal summer days. When the sky is cloudy but bright, you can use a 400 ISO film, while in winter days of in deep shadow situations is better to use at least 800 ISO.

Credits: sirio174

If you need to have a more accurate viewfinder, you can follow this tip that I wrote some time ago.

Credits: sirio174

The plastic lens is not very sharp, but the results are equally funny and interesting!

Credits: sirio174

I love the classic rectangular format of the four images, a valid alternative to the “landscape” format of another funny multi-lens camera, the pretty Lomo Supersampler

Credits: sirio174

This camera is a cheap and nice alternative to a superb camera,my Lomo 135M that I bought in the Online Lomography Shop!

Credits: sirio174

Try this camera, it’s hella fun! And, of course… Lomo On!

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  1. motagirl2
    motagirl2 ·

    Nice!! I won an ActionSampler in a Lomography competition, back in december, and yesterday I went to the lab to pick my first developed roll. It was much better than expected :D
    I was pretty worried about which ISO I should use with this camera (finally I choosed 200, and now I have it loaded with a 400), so it's nice that you mentioned your experience in your review :)

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