Take a Peek Into the Home of One of the World's Largest Photo Archives!

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If you’ve ever wondered what the storage houses of the the biggest photo archives in the world look like, you’re in luck! The Carnegie Museum of Art has shot a documentary footage that gives us a glimpse inside one of these special photo storage facilities. Read on to learn more and watch the film!

In a segment for its Invisible Photographer documentary series, The Carnegie Museum of Art takes us to the storage vaults of one of the biggest photo collections in the world: The Bettman Archive owned by digital stock company Corbis Images. This archive is housed in a special temperature-controlled space around 220 feet underground, located in a converted limestone quarry in Boyers, Pennsylvania.

In 1935, museum curator Otto Bettman whisked away 12,000 images when he fled Nazi Germany, and stored them first in his New York City apartment, then in the Tischman Building. The archive soon swelled to over 11 million images, and was eventually sent to the Iron Mountain National Underground Storage Facility seven years after it was sold to Corbis in 1995.

The segment entitled Underground walks viewers through the special Film Preservation Facility, and includes some insights from the people who are taking care of the treasured archive. Watch Underground below:

All infoirmation for this article were sourced from PetaPixel.

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    I store my 2 cameras, negative film rolls & photographs inside 'clean cardboard shoe boxes' inside my room, at room temperatures. I live in a tropical country.

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