Everyday Family Shots with the Petzval Lens


Who says you have to be a ‘proper’ photographer to enjoy the Petzval lens? The Lomography UK GM shows you how good (and easy!) this lens can be even for amateur shooters. Read on and find out more.

As a first time mum, I found that most (if not all my shots) are now of my daughter. I think all parents will agree that it’s hard not to want to capture every waking moment of their kids lives – the first tooth, first steps, first purée stained carpet.

Here is a picture perfect example of the calm before the storm and by storm, we mean breakfast time!

Having had the beautiful brass Petzval lens in the Lomography UK office has been such a treat and has now made my ever frequent trips down to the park on weekends even more picturesque. Look at the gorgeous bokeh swirls! It’s really taken the mundane to another level (though my daughter is anything but!).

The Petzval lens is on pre-order in our online shop and will be hitting the Lomography Gallery Stores soon. Sit tight!

Liana AKA golfpunkgirl

written by golfpunkgirl on 2014-05-08 #lifestyle #petzval-lens-portraits-digital-lifestyle-shots

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