Lomo Tip: Use your LC-A packaging as a transport box for your Belair lenses


Do you have a Belair X 6-12 and don’t know how to carry the interchangeable lenses and viewfinder safely? If you have an original LC-A (or at least its packaging), that’s no problem.

Sometimes, our life as Lomographers has its surprises, luckily they’re mostly good. This happened to me today when I reorganized my camera collection. I discovered that the original packaging of the 80 LC-A has just the right size for the two interchangeable lenses of the *Belair X6-12*. The fit of the lenses in the box makes it the perfect travel container.

This way, you always have them together and that makes them safe for future, more frequent use.
If you want, you can put in 2-3 handkerchiefs to protect it further and you’ve got a convenient transportation option.

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written by dopa on 2014-05-04 #gear #tutorials #lens #tipster #kamera #belair #lc-a-transport-objektive
translated by dopa

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