Double and multiple exposure snaps taken using the Lomography Peacock 110 X-Pro


Marvel at these vibrant photographs shot using the Peacock 110 X-Pro shot by our community members!

Credits: bnjmn, hanshendley, nikollum, hanat9651, juansupergen, lilithmoon, asharnanae, opon21 & bebopbebop

Your 110 camera might look tiny and as cute as a toy, but you should never underestimate its capabilities! Some of them are actually more than just simple point-and-shoot wonders and have features such as the multiple exposure function. Make the most out of it and pair it with an awesome film like the *Peacock 110 X-Pro*! Regular E6 development alone yields sharp photographs, but when cross-processed, vibrant citrusy shades and blues would wash over your shots. Head to the Online Shop now to get yours!

Who says film is dead? Lomography’s got its very own emulsions to keep the fire burning! Visit the Shop and see which Lomography film is right for you.

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