Black and white film photography by Christopher Lange


Photography has been part of Christopher Lange’s life for as long as he remembers. Have a sneak peek of his lovely works in monochrome after the jump!

From Esplanade. Photo by Christopher Lange

New York-based young photographer *Christopher Lange* practically grew up with photography; his father was a former fashion photographer. In a feature on _I Still Shoot Film_, Lange related how, as a child, it was already normal for him to see negatives, contact sheets, and other photographic materials in their apartment. When he formally began dabbling in photography around seven years ago, though, it was with a Nikon D70; however, after just a couple of years and while living in Finland, he switched to analogue with his purchase of “a roughed up Nikon F3 and Nikkormat, and never looked back.”

From the Tensor/Tessera. Photos by Christopher Lange

Lange maintains a very impressive arsenal, which includes the Nikon F3 and F4, a Leica M2 and M6, and Hasselblad 500 series. It seems that he also favors black and white over color, with him listing his favorite films to include Tri-X, Plus-X, HP5+, FP4+, Neopan 1600, and Delta 3200. Most importantly, he continues to shoot film “simply because it is simple, effective, and allows me to achieve the exact aesthetic that I prefer in my photographs.” Meanwhile, on his website, Lange describes the camera “as my excuse to intrude upon the lives of others, to take a small slice of a person’s identity as a keepsake. It acts as my etching needle, my paint brush, my pen, and my inkwell.”

From Portraits. Glen Hansard, Yoonie Han, and Willie. Photos by Christopher Lange

All information in this article were sourced for I Still Shoot Film and Christopher Lange’s website. Meanwhile, stay tuned for our interview with the photographer to be published in the Lomography magazine soon!

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