My Day in Analogue: Photo Walks and Journaling


This spring I am going back to the basics of just enjoying life. It’s easy: find a beach, liberate the feet from shoes, and meander slowly. Just seeing and noticing the life all around.

In order to regenerate my energy and creativity after a long and draining period, I decided to give myself some time for “being” more and doing less. The result: I spend a lot of time walking and journaling these days. I have also reunited with my love for analogue photography! The whole point is to play more. Experiment more. Just for the fun of it.

There is really no better company to take with me to these meandering photo walks than the Diana F+. She teaches me to appreciate unpredictable results and to take myself less seriously. She doesn’t mind long walks, and why would she – after all, I carry her the whole way. And that is when I especially appreciate her lightness and small size. I can bring her with me almost anywhere!

Here’s a photo diary of my day in analogue. The day consists of meeting friends and going for a long walk on the beach. We take it easy, meandering slowly and finding new paths, sometimes sitting down to just write or draw. After much sitting it is time to get going again. As you can see, exercise is an important part of my daily routine. However, as I often find regular exercise boring, I only ever exercise if the impulse to do so occurs naturally. That explains the impulsive jumping in front of the children’s bouncy castle and my sudden improvised ballet dance outdoors. After such an active start to the day, it is important to snack properly. Luckily my friends appreciate cake as much as I do. Then it is time to find a hammock somewhere in the shade and daydream for a little bit.

written by inanothertown on 2014-04-29 #lifestyle #walking #ballet #cake #beach #friends #diana-f #requested-post

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