Old video by British Pathé covers first 100 years of photography


If you love photography and history, then you should check out this wonderful video clip by newsreel archive British Pathé!

The *British Pathé* recently uploaded its entire archive of 85,000 vintage historic videos on YouTube, and one of them was The First Hundred Years! from 1939. Within the close to three-minute time frame, the video condensed the entire century-old history of photography then and made mentions of its most important advancements, from the inventions and photographs of early pioneers William Henry Fox Talbot, Louis Daguerre to the cine camera of the Lumiere brothers Louis and Auguste. We can’t help but think that if only the people behind this effort were still alive today, they’d surely be amazed to see just how much photography has progressed 75 years down the road!

Watch The First Hundred Years! below:

Video via the British Pathé on YouTube

All information in this article were sourced from the British Pathé’s website and YouTube channel via Petapixel.

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