How to Make Pinhole Camera from a Soda Can

Justin Quinnell’s expertise when it comes to pinhole wizardry is unquestionable. This photographer and lecturer from Bristol, United Kingdom, has crafted the most unusual of pinhole projects, from installing cameras onto ships cruising around the Caribbean to taking photos of his kids being born from inside his mouth. One other project that he is known for is being able to make a pinhole camera from a soda can. Watch the video below and learn how!

In this interview, Justin shared that this innovation came to mind when he realized that many of his students could not afford to buy cameras, but “could afford loads of cans of Coke every day.” You could say that inventing these fully functional soda can pinhole cameras was his little but magnanimous way of helping his students.

Now, why don’ you try making one yourself in celebration of World Pinhole Day?

Happy World Pinhole Day, everyone!

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