PYHOF: Springtime Blues and All that Jazz


It may be the time for chirping birds and fresh tunes but PYHOF will take a break from usual programming to bring you songs from two of the most talented blues and jazz singers top have ever walked the earth. We bring you, Ella Fitzgerald and Albert King.

Albert King and Ella Fitzgerald Images via Speak the Blues and Dunderbeck 1980 blog

It may be correct that you can’t box blues and jazz songs in the usual five-minute box of the songs we now listen to with all the improvised twangs of the guitar and soulful vocals. And besides, who would want music that sounds so good to just be a few minutes long?

Tune your wavelengths to match Ella Fitzgerald and Albert King’s signature music styles. PYHOF is celebrating their birthday today and we’re bringing you some of their most popular songs that can make you snap those fingers, dance in place or outright get groovy wherever you are.

It’s no wonder that Ella Fitzgerald is still called the “First Lady of Song” and “Queen of Jazz” with a voice range like that. And don’t forget the 13 Grammys she has under her belt. Albert King on the other hand made great music by letting his Flying V guitar sing with delicate vibrato and syncopated plucks.

Happy birthday again, Miss Ella Fitzgerald and Mister Albert King!

PYHOF – Springtime Blues and All that Jazz by Put Your Headphones on Fridays on Grooveshark

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