Purple-tinted snapshots taken with the New Russar+ Lens and Leica IIf


We’re still on a Russar+ shooting frenzy, and this time around, we’re showing off these sample photographs taken using another Leica classic rangefinder, the IIf.

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve showcased various super wide *New Russar+ Lens* photographs taken with some of the most iconic cameras like the Leica M6, Fed 5B, Voigtlander Bessa R2A, and Fed 5C. This time, it’s the Leica IIf‘s turn, and as if using the Russar+ with it isn’t enough, we’ve upped the ante a little more and loaded it with the *Lomochrome Purple* to take these refreshing, eye-catching snapshots.

The New Russar+ is a stunning brass-bodied wide-angle lens. It is a pioneering update on the 1958 Russar. Thanks to its modified lens tube construction, the New Russar+ is compatible with L39 and M mount analogue cameras, digital mirrorless cameras and loads of other cameras using adaptor mounts. Visit the New Russar+ microsite for exciting information and stunning wide-angle photos.

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