Test the monochrome and colored waters with the Belairgon 114mm and 90mm Lenses!


The analogue seas can be defined by its lo-fi tides and the soft tones of its surf but there’s more to it than just that. All you need is a quick change of glass with the Belairgon Lenses!

Credits: vicuna, weedos, pearlgirl77 & wideangle

Bring back tons of analogue stories from your travels, be it on black and white or colored film! The *Belair* will be your trusted companion with its multi-format capabilities and versatile settings! Just be ready to swap your lens to premium glass with the *Belairgon 114mm and 90mm Lens Kit*!

Credits: ricoinbrooklyn, pearlgirl77 & ck_berlin

Shoot rich, sharp monochrome snaps that are perfect for noir films or capture all the world’s colors in a crystal-clear fashion when you use color films! The Belairgon Lenses can make your ordinary analogue shots look extra delectable with every snap! Grab a Belairgon 114mm and 90mm Lens Kit now to improve your multi-format experience with the ever so versatile Belair camera!

written by cheeo on 2014-04-24 #lifestyle #black-and-white #colored #belair #belairgon-lens

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