Shinjuku Park in full bloom: A perfect time to use expired films and travel to the past!


I went to Shinjuku Park in order to celebrate spring and enjoy the Japanese tradition of “hanami,” which means the “contemplation of cherry blossoms.” I tried to capture the beauty of cherry trees with my Lubitel 166B loaded with an expired roll of Agfa Portrait 160 film. I obtained a sepia effect on my photos, and I felt as if I just traveled through old Japan.

The cherry blossoms in Japan are always beautiful! I had the chance to visit and photograph very nice places during spring such as Kyoto and Miyajima, but I realized that I only had digital pictures of such gorgeous scenery. That’s why this year, I looked for something different: I decided to use my analogue camera loaded with an expired film. This may be a habit for lomographers, but it was the very first time for me!

When I bought five rolls of expired Agfa Portrait 160, I was told that I would obtain a sepia effect on my photos. However, it is impossible to predict the results, so it took me a long time to decide whether to try it or not. And now I am so glad I made the right choice!

With two cameras in my bag I entered Shinjuku Park, but after a few minutes, I almost gave up on taking pictures because I thought I arrived just after the right time to see the sakura. Fortunately, Japan has many species of trees, and some of them were at their best in this park!

Photos taken with the Lubitel 166B loaded with expired Agfa Portrait 160

I obtained warm colors and dreamy effect in my photos but mainly, I felt like I traveled through old Japan with these pictures. Actually, a friend of mine told me that they look like they were taken during the Showa period (1926-1989). That’s pretty obvious after making a comparison with the other pictures I took the same day with my Canon EOS 300 loaded with a color reversal film. It was E6-processed so I obtained real colors that brought me back to the present.

Photos taken using the Canon EOS 300 loaded with Agfa Precisa CT 100

I don’t know when and where I will be using my remaining expired films, but I’m already looking forward to seeing the results!

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