Haunting UrbEx Polaroid Portraits by Denis Peaudeau


Thinking of embarking on an urban exploration and photography session? The unique and hauntingly beautiful instants you’ll find after the jump will surely inspire you to come up with your own take on UrbEx photography.

Instant photography has been used by many photographers, artists, and creative minds today to achieve a nostalgic feel on their work, whether for portraits, snapshots of daily life, dreamy landscapes, and even abstract 'collaborations'. There’s even a technique called emulsion lift, wherein as the term suggests, the layer of emulsion is removed and transferred onto paper, creating an even more interesting effect (see the works of Lio Munoz, Laura Su Lillie, and Tanja Deuss).

However, a French photographer has found a way to utilize the wonders of instant photography to make his urban exploration snaps unique and interesting. Instead of the usual approach of showing abandoned places looking — well, abandoned and empty, Denis Peaudeau turns to his Polaroid SX-70 and various instant films and makes his models pose against the crumbling walls, aged wooden doors and furniture, broken windows, and bare spaces. The results are both beautiful and haunting, and we bet they will make you want to think of your own concept for fascinating UrbEx snaps (if you haven’t done so yet):

Take a look at the rest of Denis Peaudeau’s stunning Polaroids on his Flickr!

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