My First Lomo Affair: Northwardnimbus and his Holga120N and LC-A

2014-04-24 2

According to northwardnimbus, his first shot at Lomography using a Holga 120N gave him “blurred, unrecognizable, and downright horrible” photographs. Did this put him off from shooting film? No, of course not! It even challenged his perspective of how a great photograph should look like! Read on to know more about northwardnimbus’s First Lomo Affair!

F aka northwardnimbus

Name: F
LomoHome: northwardnimbus
Location: Manila, Philippines

When was your first try of a Lomography camera or film? What product was it?

My first lomo was a Holga 120N. The shots were blurred, unrecognizable and downright horrible – I LOVED IT! This camera challenged my perception of what a photo should be. It broke all the rules: the size is weird, focusing is not applicable, the outcome is freakishly odd.

Some of F’s first Holga 120 N snapshots

Soon after I was craving for an LC-A. And then cross-processing films. And then a plastic fantastic addiction. And then the tricks. After that, the rest was history. There was no turning back.

Photos by northwardnimbus shot using Lomo LC-A

Was the Lomography product yours or or did you borrow it from a relative or friend?

My first Lomo LC-A was the spare LC-A of At Maculangan which is known as the godfather of Lomography in the Philippines. I named it Lenin, a tribute to his Russian linage. I had to scrimp for months on lunch money to get it.

How was the experience? Any funny or strange occurrences?

Honestly, I have a strange aversion to digital. Film was the saner choice for me. Digital was becoming popular and films are getting scarce back then, everyone was getting a slice of the megapixel craze. When I went out shooting some kids around my block with my Lomo LC-A one time, after clicking, they rushed towards me to look at the backside of my camera. The look on their faces were priceless. I got a kick out of explaining them about film and Lomography.

Photos by northwardnimbus shot using Lomo LC-A

Have you used that Lomography product again? Why or why not?

Lenin never left my side wherever I go. My Lomo LC-A would record memories of walking, of trips, of sunrises and sunsets, of rides, of conversations, of eats, of smiles, of everything that I choose to remember.

Can you share us your favourite or most memorable shot from that First Lomo Affair of yours? Why is this your favorite?

Photo by northwardnimbus shot using Lomo LC-A

It was a sunset. I never saw sunset like that before and when my Lomo LC-A captured it, it was gloriously unexplainable.

Photos by northwardnimbus shot using Lomo LC-A

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    Thank you, F! @northwardnimbus

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    Horray Eunice!

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