Andrew Knapp challenges you to go 'Find Momo'

2014-04-23 1

Got time to spare for a game of spot Momo the dog? Have a look at this creative and amusing series of photographs by designer and photographer Andrew Knapp!

Photo by Andrew Knapp via Demilked

*_Find Momo_* is easily reminiscent of the classic _Where's Wally?_ game that we all know and love. Each of the Knapp’s photos, which depict different places such as parks, urban areas, neighborhoods, and toy stores, among many others, feature the hidden likeness of his beloved border collie named Momo.

Photo by Andrew Knapp via Demilked

Attempting to look for Momo in these photos sure is a fun way to kill time, not to mention the shots themselves are beautifully composed! Oh, and just like Where’s Wally? a book also called _Find Momo_ has recently been released for those who want to continue playing the game the old-school way.

All information in this article were sourced from Demilked via Beautiful Decay. See more photos on Find Momo. Meanwhile, you may visit Knapp’s website here.

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  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    That's a well trained dog! : )

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