Go Wide, Go Purple! Fresh snaps with the new Russar+ Lens and Fed 5C


Stop, look and take pictures. Or just shoot ultra-wide snaps on the go with the new Russar+ Lens!

We’re still itching to take the new *Russar+ Lens* for a spin and so we did! But this time, we used it with a Fed 5C and loaded up with *LomoChrome Purple* film and the results are nonetheless eye-catching! The 20mm ultra-wide lens captured the scene with ease and did so with sharpness that can be expected from a quality-built camera. Check the pictures out and be wowed by the double dose of analogue goodness with the new Russar+ Lens and LomoChrome Purple film film.

Pre-order your own *Russar+ Lens* now and redefine the term “ultra-wide.” This new lens boasts top-quality craftsmanship and development that can leave you breathless with every snap of your M-mount camera. Check out the full capabilities of the new Russar+ Lens at the microsite. Or if you’re already sold, you can pre-order now.

written by cheeo on 2014-04-22 #lifestyle #lens #purple #lomochrome #russar

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