Kino Stories: 'What is time?' by mihail


The message that mihail’s LomoKino movie turns out to be deeper and thought-provoking than what it appears to be. Check out our featured video for today!

Video by mihail. Link to the video’s page in the community here.

What is time after all? Remember how long a day was when you where ten years old? And did you notice that as you get older time goes by faster and faster? What is a second for a butterfly? And then again what is a second compared to four billion years that have passed since the birth of our planet? Imagine time like the three dimensions of space. You could see any moment in your lifetime, as you can see any corner of a room, just by turning your head around. How is it that you get high at 10:00 and 40 minutes later is 10:05? Time is relative but yet we still think we can measure it. Just close your eyes and you will feel the endless moment between two heartbeats.

In “What is time?”, *mihail* seemingly plays with time as he runs his frames the right way, backwards, fast-forward, and in slow motion, depicting movements through the flow of road traffic and a serene river. Without reading the text that comes with it, the video appears nondescript and even nonsensical; however, these first impressions change once you do. It’s good for a first try, and merely a test at that, although we think that the video would’ve been better had the text been dubbed over the video instead! Not bad, mihail!

Here in the Lomography magazine we often venture to the community’s Movies section, where we’re able to stumble upon shorts that do not only depict interesting storylines but are also well-executed. The new Kino Stories series aims to put the well-deserved spotlight on these gems, so keep those creative juices flowing and tell us your story! Who knows, you just might get featured in an upcoming installment!

written by chooolss on 2014-04-22 #videos #lomokino #lifestyle #kino-stories

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