Snippets and Vignettes: INSA’s GIF-ITIs


Mixing two amazing art forms in a single and equally stunning style will surely make heads turn and people do double backs. See INSA’s graffiti-inspired GIFs after the jump.

Sometimes, it’s all about bringing something new to the table when it comes to making art. We can’t argue that traditional ways of making art are amazing on their own but a little variety can go a long way. Case in point, designer and graffiti artist *INSA’s* out-of-this-world GIF-ITIs that make use want to pick up a fresh can of spray paint ourselves.

“GIF-ITIs” are just what you can think of them – graffiti art turned into GIFs. INSA incorporated his main influence into a new art form to create something unique and flavourful; his looping animated images of houses, walls and building facades are a fresh for tired eyes (although some may look dizzying but are still stunning as they are.)

INSA creates these GIF-ITIs with vision and puts a creative twist on the usual graffiti art and GIFs. From visually arresting patterns and swirly colors and stripes, INSA’s GIF-ITIs only serve to awe and inspire would-be graffiti artists and GIF animators. His comical approach to graffiti art and his fresh take on GIFs are a killer combo. Honestly, we’re just wondering whether those GIF-ITIs really move in real life. We certainly hope so.

See more of INSA’s handiwork at his website.

All information and GIFs used in this article were sourced from INSAland.

written by cheeo on 2014-04-22 #lifestyle #graffiti #insa #gifs #snippets-and-vignettes-series

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