Tales from the Trip: People from the Lake

2014-04-22 2

As intrepid travelers, we don’t only search for an adventure or a change of scenery — we also seek to capture fascinating moments in photographs and tell the compelling stories behind them. In this wanderlust-driven series for the Locations section, we showcase some of the most fascinating travel photos by our fellow lomographers, along with their tales from the trip.

A big chunk of every traveler’s motivation to go and see the world falls on the desire to experience first-hand the culture and daily life in a different country. Today’s featured travel tale and accompanying lomographs are a testament to this fact. Our fellow lomographer saidseni from Lisbon, Portugal tells us of her 2009 trip to Lake Titicaca in Peru with her father, among the highlights of which was spending a night with the Los Uros people to relish a slice of life in this fascinating side of the world.

Credits: saidseni

“I took these pictures in 2009, when me and my father spent a night at Lake Titicaca, Peru, with Los Uros people. Los Uros people live in ‘totora’ plant-made islands in Lake Titicaca since pre-Incan times and nowadays they make a living by hosting tourists in their cute floating islands. We stayed overnight at Kamisaraki Inn, the island where Mr. Silvério, the man in the picture above and his family live.

When we woke up the the other day, we were asked if we wanted to do the typical touristic activities or visit other islands where Los Uros people that didn’t embrace tourism still live from fishing. We gladly accepted to get away from the touristic routes and went to the non-touristic islands with the boat packed with goods like rice and sweets for the kids. The people we met there clearly struggle to survive in their traditional ways since the lake isn’t as rich as it use to be. They were very nice to us and we even got to meet ‘abuelita,’ an old lady said to be more than 100 years old!

I took this picture after, when we got back to Kamisaraki Inn island and went for a little stroll in the lake with Mr. Silvério. It will always remind me of this great day and one of the best experiences we had on our trip to Peru and Bolivia."

Read more about saidseni’s Lake Titicaca adventure here and see more of her travel snaps here!

Have you ever had a similar experience with your travels? Tell us about it through your photos and stories! Get in touch with us through the Lomography Magazine LomoHome or shoot us an email!

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