The Daily Hex: Wasabi


Have a taste of Wasabi in today’s The Daily Hex!

What’s a ‘hex’ anyway?

Hex actually pertains to hex values, which are 6-digit hexidecimal numbers that are primarily used in web design. Your photographs can be viewed by hex values and we have almost 1,500 common colors that you can browse through, most of which have names that are quirky, goofy, and downright weird. But don’t be fooled, these colors are real eye candies, too!

Wasabi or Japanese horseradish is most popularly known in its grated paste form used as a condiment for sashimi and other Japanese dishes. Well, if you haven’t had a taste of it yet, now may be the perfect chance to get a feel of its strong flavor. Feast your eyes on these handpicked Lomographs:

Credits: jarvislomo, winterschlaefer, m_e, guiguiste, mediabrus, weedos, kangiha, aton, grazie & simonesavo

See more Wasabi photos here.

written by Lomography on 2014-04-22 #news #the-daily-hex

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