Sprocket Rocket: Afffordable Gateway to the Panorama World

2014-04-29 2

It’s light, it’s bright and it gives amazing results without much effort.

I have to be honest, the Sprocket Rocket was not my first choice for a panorama, but now I have to say it’s definitely grown on me. The more I use it, the happier I am with its results.

The camera is very easy to use, as most of the cameras made by Lomography, so it’s a great gift for whoever wants to start shooting analogue. You do have to pay attention to a couple of little things that could make a huuuge difference.

The first thing to keep in mind are the two shooting modes normal (N) and bulb (B) . The normal mode shoots at 1/100 of a second and the bulb opens as much as you want, so it’s handy for looooong exposures or night shots. Keep this in mind, you don’t want to shoot bulb on a bright sunny day ;)

You only get two aperture settings to keep it simple the cloud is an f11 and the sun is an f16

The focus is also very simple and based on the distance between you and what ever you want to capture on film. You’ll find it at the tip of the lens and it goes from 0.6m to 1m and from 1m to infinity

It also comes with a hot shoe for any standard flash as well as a hole for a tripod, there’s a whole bunch of accessories you can find on the Online Store

Keep in mind this camera is completely mechanical which means you advance the film (or not, if you want to make doubles just by pushing the lever) or take it back by using the rewind knobs. Just guide yourself by the white dot and the counter.

The camera uses 35mm film and the back is really easy to latch on and remove. The camera also comes with a little mask to hide the sprockets in case you don’t like them and you want a regular panorama, but come on! it’s called a *Sprocket Rocket* for a reason!

Check some shots from my lomohome

Credits: guanatos

The Sprocket Rocket is the first wide-angle camera dedicated entirely to sprockets. And with dual winding knobs for easy multiple exposures, there is no limit to your analogue creativity with this panoramic wonder. See the Sprocket Rocket in our Shop!

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  1. alexkon
    alexkon ·

    somebody tried to charge in a film camera without perforation?

  2. guanatos
    guanatos ·

    @alexkon not me... not yet at least.

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