Lomography and caseable - Best Shots of 2013 Winner Announcement

2014-04-22 10

We sought for your best shots from the past year and received a staggering amount of more than 2,200 beautiful submissions within one month! It took a while to carefully go through all of the amazing analogue entries, and we have finally selected 3 lucky winners of the Lomography and caseable – Best Shots of 2013 Competition.

Based in Berlin and New York, caseable makes it possible to transfer your creativity and analogue talent onto your mobile devices . You can design your own Laptop, eReader, Tablet or Smartphone case the way you want it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a design with pictures from your last holiday, with your initials, bits of wisdom or a crazy pattern – everything is possible because you are the master of your creation!

Best Shots of 2013 – The winners

We requested for your best shots of 2013 and here we are, about to give away awesome prizes from Lomography and caseable. Our lucky winning lomographers can look forward to their exciting prizes very soon.

Credits: space_they_cannot_touch

Congratulations to our first prize winner space_they_cannot_touch from Münster in Germany! She impressed us with a beautiful LC-A+ spring double exposure that makes us feel like we want to go out in the open, bask under the sun, and frolic in the next flower field we find.

Congratulations on winning an an e-voucher for the caseable online shop worth 100 EUR plus a Diana F+ Buttercup camera and a pack of 3 films.

Credits: fotobes

Another master of LC-A+ double exposures is fotobes from Brighton, UK. He shot the Ferris wheel of his hometown at sunset and it looks like it’s reflected on the water. But wait… that’s actually an optical illusion. The shot was well executed and definitely worth the 2nd place!

Congratulations on winning an e-voucher for the caseable shop worth 50 EUR and 50 piggies for the Lomography online shop.

Credits: undiscovered

Undiscovered from Gent in Belgium pulled the trigger of her Canon at the exact right moment to capture her lovely tomcat Ronny! Congratulations on winning an e-voucher for the caseable shop worth 25 EUR and 25 piggies for the Lomography online shop.

Top 20 out of 2,000 submissions

These photographers didn’t make it tothe Top 3 but this is no reason to feel disappointed. They made it to the Top 20 semi-finalists from out of 2,000 submissions! Congratulations guys!

Photos by gocchin, grazie, guanatos, hanat9651, ihave2pillows, imbaaa, jmcedo, kaixins, katia, kostas, -lena-, lomographistique, lostlittlekid, lounintended, marta1901, megustastu, needle76, oriolus, poepel & theoclunk

caseable is thanking everyone with a 15% discount at the caseable shop. Just use the online voucher code CSBLxLOMO to avail of the discount. Discount and voucher code are valid till May 7, 2014.

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  1. fotobes
  2. space_they_cannot_touch
    space_they_cannot_touch ·

    thanks a lot!!! and congrats to @fotobes @undiscovered and everyone else!

  3. undiscovered
    undiscovered ·

    Thanks so much! Ronny died this week :'( This is a nice tribute to him.

  4. marta1901
  5. guanatos
    guanatos ·

    wow! thanks so much and congrats to all :)

  6. gocchin
    gocchin ·

    thanks & congrats to all :D

  7. lostlittlekid
  8. grazie
    grazie ·

    Awesome!!! First of all, congrats to the winners @space_they_cannot, @fotobes, @undiscovered ! And congrats to everyone!! @poepel @lostlittlekid @marta1901 @gocchin @guanatos @hanat9651 @ihave2pillows @imbaaa @jmcedo @kaixins @katia @kostas @-lena- @lomographistique @lounintended @megustastu @needle76 @oriolus @theoclunk

  9. hanat9651
  10. alexander_krolikowski
    alexander_krolikowski ·

    My congrats to winners!

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