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Today’s featured biographical film for Reel vs. Real is a thought-provoking favorite that continues to inspire the adventure seekers in all of us.

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A film that made it to must-watch lists and favorites of cinephiles around the world, Into the Wild almost needs no introduction. Travelers, adventure-seekers, and creative thinkers have been particularly drawn to the tragic yet thought-provoking tale of Christopher McCandless, the American hiker who sought out to do some soul-searching and live a simple life for a while.

In this 2007 film adaptation of a non-fiction book of the same title penned by Jon Krakauer, Emile Hirsche stars as Christopher McCandless, whose story is told in a non-linear narrative. Viewers learn about the events that lead to his journey to the Alaskan wilderness, including his two-year travel across Western United States. Flashbacks also tell of McCandless’s life before his soul-searching adventure, such as his graduation with high honors from Emory University in 1990, choice to donate his $24,000 college fund to Oxfam, decision to cut communication with his family, and the beginning of his travels with a cross-country drive in his Datsun B210.

Christopher McCandless and his reel-life counterpart, Emile Hirsche. Photos via Christopher McCandless Website and surfer2018 on Wordpress

The film later progresses into the last few months of McCandless’s life in the wilderness, and tells about his realizations about life, happiness, isolation, and nature’s relentless side. The abandoned bus which initially became his shelter and refuge eventually became a prison and ultimately symbolized the tragic end of his journey.

Into the Wild earned mostly positive reviews from critics, with lead actor Emile Hirsche and director Sean Penn garnering award nominations and winnings from around the world. “Guaranteed,” a song written and performed by Pearl Jam vocalist Eddie Vedder for the film’s soundtrack, also won the 2007 Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song.

Watch the trailer for Into the Wild below:

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    Ace film.

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    Christopher McCandless has been one of my biggest inspiration. Great article!

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    my favorite movie ever

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    Brilliant film!!!

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    Love the film and its soundtrack, as well as the book it's based on.

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    OMG That is so my kind of thing! <3 <3

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