Object of my Affection: Deer of Every Kind!

2014-04-18 3

… but of course, living deer! I don’t know what it is that excites me so much about deer. Close to where I live is a small deer enclosure. I feel so sorry for the little guys, but I love to visit them and feed them apples and walnuts.

First, I would like to present my three best deer photos:

Credits: pearlgirl77

I always have a bunch of different cameras on me. Pictures with a *Spinner* would have been funny, but it probably would have scared the deer to death. These creatures will always be an object of my affection. I’m really scared that I could run over one someday, because many run around freely in my area. We actually had one in our yard this morning, who apparently decided to stay the night at our place. Another time, we had a tiny doe in our yard. I was really worried about it because it ran around in a sort of panic. It was so scared of me that it ended up jumping back over the fence.

Here’s an assortment of some of my deer photos:

Credits: pearlgirl77

I once did an entire roll of film with the theme Deer and Nature. I did this with Aileen, known in the Lomography community as farbanomalie, but I took over the part with the deer:

Credits: pearlgirl77

Aside from the real deer, I also had to take some pictures of deer figurines – which I incidentally also had to buy for myself:

Credits: pearlgirl77

There will definitely be more deer photos coming from my end! Show me your favorite deer photos in the comments!

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  1. dotted_dress
    dotted_dress ·

    I'm sure you'd love the deer in Nara, Japan!
    They're very friendly because they're used to humans. They are also strangely small :)
    You can see them chilling all over the place or chasing kids that try to feed them deer crackers: dotteddress.deviantart.com/art/Captain-Stag-436817047

  2. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    @pearlgirl77 Wonderful article!! These deer in the photos have so forgotten they are delicious, and the photographer is an outstanding female example of the apex predator on this planet. In my neighborhood, someone has put out a salt lick and scattered veggies, so deer are walking around oblivious and totally suburban, and I've seen them dumpster dive behind the markets. This is in north Los Angeles county. Probably not enough coyotes and pumas...

  3. pearlgirl77
    pearlgirl77 ·

    @dotted_dress ohhhh yes.. i think i will love to be there :) cuuuute
    @herbert-4 thanks.... i only look at them.. and don't eat them :P thanks

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